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Stressed and who to talk to???
02/11/2008 at 16:18 PM

Hi there-
Just wanted to get some advice...I have an almost three year old daughter and we are expecting our second.  I have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately.....seems about everything!  My husband is wonderful and I really want to talk to him about everything, but I just feel like he has so much going on too that I don't want to cause more stress for him.  I have friends and family too, but I tend to keep things inside. I always just figure that people have their own lives and things going on within their lives, that I don't want to cause more stress for them.  Any advice????

I was going through a real bad time over 20 years ago.  I found out later that at the same time my husband was worried about his work--there were some legal things going on and there was a chance that the company would go belly up.  I was SO angry when I found out that he had been "protecting" me from that information.  I'm not saying you should be gloomy Gladys and bleed on everybody all the time, but it is OK to share your burdens with people who love you.  One of the ways that I help my children develop trust is I tell them when there are health problems, that way they know that if I haven't said there is something to worry about, there is nothing to worry about.