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Step son tld mother he wants 2 kill himself PLS HELP!!
12/14/2009 at 17:26 PM

At first my fiance was having plms with his sons mother for a really long time but when my fiance wanted to make things right for apologizing for how their relationship turned out.

So the mother started calling about the son and everything keeping the father in on everything but behind the mothers boyfriend back so the boyfriend doesnt know that they talk or text.

Well she called because we dont get the son on the 2nd weekend so thats 2 weeks without seeing him well the mother called my fiance to tell him that his son has been acting up and been talking back so my fiance talked to him and why are you giving your mom problems....

When the mother came back on the phone she was telling the father that ever since we had that talk have i told u? my fiance said no what are you talking about? She said that he wanted (the son) wanted to kill himself hes despressed hes sick of being in the middle i just dont want to be here. My fiance was so shocked to hear that but the mother oh wait hes 10 YEARS OLD!! the mother told the father that she just broked down crying and doesnt want him saying that anymore it hurt her feelings and that she told the boyfriend that he needs to lay off her son (bc the boyfriends treats my fiance s son bad bc the boyfriend doesnt like my fiance) and she told my fiance that they decided not to bring it up and just to forget about it

How could u forget something like that? Thats the scary thing to hear from a 10 yr old!! WHat should we do?????? We need help but the mother is too focused on her boyfriend to not care about whats going on with her children.

Please help!! Thank you

Call Child Protective Services. My daughter attempted suicide at age 11. This is not a joke, and not for the entertainment of people online.

This could be very serious and needs to be addressed. Call your local Child Mental Health office and find out who your fiance can talk to about this matter. This child needs to be taken seriously.

Get the child help from a professional right now. It is important to get someone involved who is trained and knows how to help a child in trouble like this. Please get the child to a counselor right now, it is so important! Marti