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Starting a new life
10/05/2009 at 14:39 PM

I have been single for the last 8 months and enjoying myself. I am trying hard to juggle with work, my son schooling and my social life. I do get tired I don't get any support from my son's father for the last 9 years of my son's life. I love my son and will do anything I can and enjoy being a good mum. I have met a few men and have had 2 dates so far but it didn't work out how I wanted. I have met a really nice man who I have not seen for years and met him on facebook. We have been in touch since for the last few weeks now making jokes, general things etc. But he has not asked for a date. I am very shy and I always prefered a man to ask for a date and I feel good when they do. I really do like him we get on very well. He kept saying oh we have a bottle of wine together one day! lol I don't know if he is messing about or just wants to have fun although I have not asked him. I have not seen him yet. But would like to, I don't know if he would either but have not said anything about it. I just continue having fun and enjoying meeting new people too.

Next time he says you should share some wine, tell him you would love that and ask hiim when...

I did and he didn't reply after that! I felt that I have put him off!

That's a pretty good indication that this man is not currently looking for a relationship. I think you should put your interest and energy into providing a good home for your son.

I have met so many people and is having lots of fun now I have been single for over a year!! This male friend of mine I like very much. Have not met him yet as he is out of work at the moment since March last year and is currently looking for a job. He said twice that he would like to take me out one night once he has a new job. I am not prepared to wait for him. I have other options too. He probarbly knows that. He keeps in touch once or twice a week just to keep me updated of his latest news. He does live along way. I met him along time ago at a friends party but lost in touch till we found each other thru facebook. And since then we been keeping in contact. But I have been stubborn with him. I would like to meet him one day. But still keep my option open!! He even send me a lovely xmas card, birthday card and a sweet valentine message by text. Is he just keeping me sweet!