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Son breathing plms. go 2 ER but he FAKED IT?!
02/10/2010 at 23:02 PM

I had to go pick up my fiancee's son we don't get him for the 5th weekend so it had been 2 weeks since we have seen him. I picked him up at school and he was telling me how his week went by but then he tells me that he has been having a hard time breathing I asked really why? he said he didnt know and that its hard to breathe so I asked have u told your mom and he said no. I said grandma? he said no but then he said that he was skateboarding and to avoid himself getting hit he had to jump off the skateboard and he landed on his chest he started to cry and that his mom's boyfriend told him to get up and suck it up.

I told him okay I'll call your dad and tell him but then he tells me that he is moving again but that his mom isnt going to transfer him to another school but she always

The 2nd nurse came and checked his breathing as she was walking out she said that he is fine. My fiancee and I stood there confused? Again, we waited for the dr to come and he checked again for the 3rd time and said that he is fine but that he will go ahead and take an x ray test but as he was about to leave he was telling us that how is life at home maybe he is doing this because something going on at home im not assuming that there is anything wrong but if the test comes out negative maybe it has to do something at home? We stood there confused? He took the x ray 2x and the dr said theres nothing wrong with him.

As we were leaving the ER he seemed fine he wasnt breathing funny!? I dont know if he was doing this for attention? or there is really something going on at his home with his mom? bc the mom's boyfriend isnt a nice guy and hates my fiancee. I dont know why he would of faked it? the next day my fiancee's son was talking abt the stuff he has and when he mention oh when i come back this friday i said oh not this friday its another 2 weeks his face expression dropped and got real serious and said what? what do u mean im not coming back this friday? i told him that we dont get you for the 2nd and 5th weekend and last weekend was the 5th weekend he said aw man i dont want to go back i want to stay here i hate that place i dont want to go back! i stood there quietly i didnt know what to say but to say i know u dont then he goes to say im really glum.

My fiancee told the mother that we took him to the ER and he explained to her what happen and the only thing she could say is No one smokes smoke makes me sick. my fiancee thought where in the convo did i mention smoke or unless she was trying to say that my fiancee' fault but my finacee smokes outside and not around him we always tell his son to stay inside or away from us so my fiancee told her thats not what the dr said he might have anixety hes scared or nervous about something (the mom always has him hide stuff from me and my fiancee) so when he told her that she never replied back! What do we do????

Sounds like it could be a panic attack or anxiety. If there is nothing medically wrong, consider counseling.