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Sleeping arrangements
03/05/2010 at 00:11 AM

Hi all,

First time posting. Looking for some opinions on sleeping arrangements when staying in a hotel with a (almost) 9 yr old daughter.

Going on a short weekend overnight and staying in a hotel room with a king size bed and a pull out. The plan is that the grownups take the bed and my daughter can have the pull out. The hotel room is a studio in that its just one room.

Do people have any concerns with this being an "inappropriate" arrangement?

I don't see anything wrong with it but someone I was talking with felt that it was inappropriate and set a bad example. Or at least that's the closest translation I have, they couldn't put it into words or explain any better.

We're just spending 1 night at the hotel and everyone's got PJs etc so I'm not clear on what could be wrong with it.

Anyway, just interested in some other viewpoints in case there's something obvious I'm missing.


I don't understand how this could be considered inappropriate, unless I am missing something. People go on vacation with their children all the time and share the same room...

Ok you didnt say some important facts Are you married? Is this the girls natural father? If no to those two questions the next one is does the girl normally live in the same household as the male? Those are key questions to your situation. If you are not married and he is not the natural father then your wrong. Get a seperate room for you and your daughter. If you have already brought this person into your lives and house then you have already made the mistakes and it makes no difference.

Basing on my culture, small families with young kids such as yours also share room in hotels. Most of the time, parents let their kids sleep with them on the same bed especially in your situation that you only have one. In that way, family spirit remains even in sleeping arrangements.