Seeking Advice after a move...
06/01/2010 at 12:16 PM

I feel selfish and maybe even guilty because I recent took a new job which allows me to work from home. I could have moved closer to my son, but I moved further away so I could pursue a relationship with my current girlfriend. Since we have moved to Boston, I am now realizing I don't think I can start a family with her in Boston, as she would like...because how can I possible visit my son and still be father and husband to a new family. I feel like I need to move to Florida and end my relationship. I have had many relationships, this one is special BUT my son is about to enter manhood 8-16 can be tough and it would be better if I was a 1 hours drive, as opposed to a 8 hour flight.

Thoughts on seeking balance or should I just move near to him and let the relatiohship part take care of itself.

Girlfriend has to move to Boston for residency, no choice.