Please Help!
01/13/2014 at 00:50 AM

JThis post may be lengthy, but I need help/ advice! I have been in a relationship and have made a commitment to my son's (age 5) father; we have been together almost 20 yrs. we have had a very trying relationship of ups and downs. He has been verbally abusive, verbally threatening and had been physically aggressive at some times also. He hasn't worked in over 10 years and in the last 3 or so has increasingly become less involved in helping around the house. He most recently admitted to abusing his prescription medication and was given the ultimatum to quit or leave. He did quit after seeing his doc about 6 wks ago. But in the last 3 days he has seemingly been irrational and erratic. He has called me names and threatened to hit me in front of my son on numerous occasions. My son has had a great deal if issues in school including hitting, cursing, and threatening his teachers and has been kicked out of kindergarten. I am at my wits end and feel I have to make a change but I am afraid of what will happen on my own. I already pay all bills etc in my home but trying to raise my son with limited family support just seems unreasonable. What do I do. Do I seek the order of protection and try to make it work or do I just continue on in this way for support raising my child ( basically daycare)? I feel lost and alone. Help. Please.