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surrogacy in India a boon for a women or a wound
02/01/2013 at 23:50 PM

A child born to a woman becomes a path towards contentment & fulfillment for her, but in today’s world this sort of satisfaction is not as common as it should be due to the changes in our lifestyle. To overcome this agony there are solutions in IVF, surrogacy being one of them. Surrogacy is the last alternative for a couple when all available options for conception go in vain & the other solutions of IVF are acted upon without any result.
Surrogacy certainly is a gift to a barren woman but it also poses a threat to mankind, courtesy the cases unveiled in front of the govt. & one of them was emulated by reality soap “Sawdhan India”.
The story described the malpractice done by the Indian medical practitioners making surrogacy as a business getting a turnover of around 20 billion a year. Women who voluntarily become surrogates mostly come from a financially misfortunate families which eventually results in a racket & causes a breach in the mother child bond.
Although, the Indian govt. has revamped the surrogacy laws to weed out the malpractice associated with surrogacy. The Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill is prepared by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). According to this bill a woman can be a surrogate if she lies within the age group of 21-35 yrs, & is married. She can become a surrogate only for 5 successful live births in her lifetime including her own children. This draft will make it mandatory for all clinics involved in treating infertility through procedures like artificial insemination with husband's semen (AIH) or in-vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF) to get registered in the country's maiden National Registry of ART clinics.
Also, this draft will prohibit the IVF clinics to advertise surrogacy for a commercial purpose; it protects the parents & the surrogate both, by a legal enforceable agreement between them. It also ensures that the foreigners coming to the country for cheaper IVF procedures are aware of the commercialization of surrogacy & making it compulsory to get local guardian for the surrogate during their absence.
Although, the govt. is doing what it can but still due the present scenario illegal procedures will be active illegally with the support from those who need it the most.
So, the question is will it be possible to get what we want without thrashing the humanity?

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