"Is our marriage is over?" part 2
07/10/2011 at 02:58 AM

What is separation means to you? After 5 years, we both failed to change our ways. We still haven't went to see a marriage counselor! I don't believe being apart will help our relationship. But I guess I will do it for my husband.
We all got our list of things we need to be happy. So this was his last patience with me. I totally flip out at him over stupid things. I hold lots of anger inside of me that i in up getting mad.

I sometimes think what can i do or say differently before everything came out of my mouth.

Love has so many meanings. I still love him but he doesn't love me back. He said "i will always love you cause you are the mother to our girls." It is just so hard when we have kids.

I guess we will never change.