My stepdaughter is very antisocial with children, but when it comes to adults she is extremely social. - FamilyEducation
My stepdaughter is very antisocial with children, but when it comes to adults she is extremely social.
01/01/2013 at 23:55 PM

This past summer I started to realize she wanted nothing to do with other children. We had gone to the park and I had asked her to go and see if she could play with the other children, at first she refused and I know you shouldn't push but i gave her a little nudge and she finally did. They were playing pirates and after about 2mins maybe less she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

Also whenever I drop her off at school it seems like every child wants to say hi and talk to her. All she does is look down latch onto me and ignore them. I tell her every morning its ok to say hi back its the polite thing to do.

I have talked with her teachers and they say the same thing. It is almost as if she has become the teachers pet again same as last year and wanted nothing to do with the other kids.

Now her mom is thinking about switching schools, but if she is a shy child switching schools isn't going to help anything.

Any suggestions on what we can do to help her?

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Well, it sounds like there's a cultural difference that is going to take patience to navigate. You have to sit down and tell your new hubby the facts of what's been said and then ask what he thinks--with a willingness to hear what he says. You have to involve your hubby right away, but as a helper and problem solver. You are going to have to deal with these people the rest of your life, and it just sounds like you all have similar attitudes of discouragement and I think that's common. Being newly married can feel very overwhelming once you realize how much your life is going to change. It is possible to set some boundaries and communicate with a sit down that involves you both and his parents. What's not possible is to change their attitudes, because that's up to them. Just hold your head high and don't give up. For your part, treat these people as if they are co-workers and you are at a job (aka your marriage) you intend to keep and enjoy. Don't let them spoil your bliss.