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06/24/2008 at 14:02 PM

I just rec'd a call from my daughter who's mother in law is visiting after the birth of the 3rd child.  SHe is acting strangely, going to the store to p/u items for the house and coming back and handing her a bill.  She went to the store for salad dressing and a cucumber and came back and sat at the dinner table to eat and handed her a bill for $7.15.  Wanted the check written immediately.  Goes to the grocery store and comes back with items which she demands a check for.  What is going on?  SHe makes meals/snacks for the kids and her son and leave my daughter out.  My daughter just had a baby and the MIL will prepare snack and does not offer her any.  Please let me know what you think is happening.

I'm concerned for my daughter.

Not to excuse anything this MIL is doing, but is there some history or "bad blood" so to speak, between your daughter that could explain why she is acting this way?

Definitely the stress your daughter must feel from dealing with MIL is not good. Not good anytime, but made worse by your daughter trying to be a good mom to her new baby, tending to her other children and husband, while trying to still heal and recover from childbirth. A big blowup is bound to happen.

MIL sounds like she doesn't want to be there, perhaps? Did she feel forced into coming for a visit to "help out" and it could be her passive-aggressive way of getting even?

If this is new behavior for MIL, what does her son (daughter's husband) say about this? If this is totally uncharacteristic, could there be some health reason for her odd behavior? Maybe a health checkup is in order for MIL?

Just thoughts and questions that came to me as I read your post. Which could be totally off-base, but just putting it out there, in case it helps!


Unless this woman [and I use the term woman very loosely] is penniless, then she sounds like a nasty piece of work. Has your daughter spoken to her husband about his mother? If I were your daughter I would throw her out immediately. Not easy I know because of husband but surely he isn't okay with the way his wife is being treated. This woman is so ignorant. As a grandmother myself, I could never contemplate visiting my children and their families without at least providing for myself. Usually I insist on doing a big shop and paying the bill. It's only right. How does she treat the other two grandchildren? If I were your daughter I would make a good meal for my husband and children and leave her to get her own meal. She is a very selfish person. Time to kick her into touch.