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Life before and after marriage
05/03/2011 at 08:53 AM

Which life is better, before marriage or after marriage?

As with most everything in life, it is what you make of it. Each has it's advantages.

You are right but after marriage stage has come where the marriages will be ended on divorce.

Any relationship may end though if one does not get married then there is no possibility of divorce.

If a marriage ends, it does not mean that I, as a person, will end with it. I lived a full and enjoyable life prior to meeting that person, and I will continue to do so afterwards.

This is a very personal issue and all depends on what kind of marriage you have, and the person you were married to surely. My marriage of 22 years started off great but by the end I could take the drunken abuse no longer, so of course life before marriage was better. I was left with all the trauma after marriage. Luckily, I met a great guy who I have been with now for 17 years. We have talked about marriage, but this is not an important issue for us. We are happy the way we are. Some people don't have this happy ending though and are still very much in love with the person they married. The person they married may have found someone or something else they prefer. In their case, life before marriage has to be better.

Totally changes. But in some cases it don't! It actually depends on your in-laws.

It depends on the in-laws, i agree with FeelingUnlucky