Is it wrong for me to go out with her even tho we are kind of related?! HELP!?
06/09/2011 at 12:55 PM

Ok so i like a family member and i think she likes me cuz i see her get nervous around me bites her nails, gets pale, plays with hair ok shes kind of family so here are the details:
1. Shes 12 im 14(i knoe weird)
2. Shes not fully related if she was then shed be my second cousin but shes my second step cousin(her father had kids with her mom then left than my mom's cousin married her)
Is it wrong!?

I would not worry about this at all. Kindergarten was originally designed to help children transition from the freedom of home to the regimentation of school. She is behaving like a five year old--that is good.
Does she read independently?

When my children were that age, they would sit on my lap as I read aloud, following the text with a finger to help them learn that text starts at the top left and traces across to the right, then jumps down and left to the beginning of the next line of text. A page or two is enough, sometimes.

I also learned, many many years ago and I have no idea from what source--it WAS research based, that activities that involve spinning around in circles are associated with more fluent reading. If you have an office chair that she can spin in, or playground toys that spin, take advantage of them!


Recomment you have a try with beestar's reading pro. My daughter has been using it and loves it! The online worksheets are full of interesting stories and vivid pictures, quite attractive to kids. Plus, the honor rolls is an additional incentive.