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is it normal to have sex with my husband when going through a divorce
09/09/2012 at 11:04 AM

My husband n i are in the middle of going through a divorce but ever since we've been separated(june2012) we still find ourselves having sex together n i noticed that its been better than ever! Now is this normal? If anyone out there is or has gone through a divorce HELP i could really use some answers!

sounds like your better off as friends if it spices up the love life lol. no really i would think about counceling before you really decide its over.

Maybe you should reconsider staying married, and start over again by dating and really getting to know one another and get some counseling. If divorce is the route you choose, I can see how having sex still can be fun or whatever you call it, but it can also backfire on you and play with your emotions if you let it. It might draw you closer together and make the divorce more difficult, and you or he may re-develope feelings for each other that might be 1 sided. Thus again, making divorce messy. If you are going to continue to have sex, have a talk with him and make sure you feel the same way about it whether its just sex or if either of you are feeling more. And also make sure you use protection as he might be sleeping with others.