how to tell my ex im pregnant
11/25/2012 at 03:06 AM

I am about 9 weeks pregnant and have been debating on how to tell my ex for about two weeks. He and I broke up 4 months ago because he had been keeping our relationship a secret from most of his family and friends and couldn’t deal with the guilt. He has a VERY religious family, and he would be excommunicated if they knew about us. The break up was very difficult on us because we really wished we could be together. Anyways we started talking and hanging out again two months later.. and obviously started hooking up again. We ended it all again because it was getting too messy. Unfortunately it was during this time period that I became pregnant. We have not spoken for two months after mutually agreeing it was the best option. I have no idea how to explain to him that im pregnant. I don’t want him to get in major trouble with his family and church, but I think he needs to know about this situation. I really need advice on what to say to him.