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How to handle a situation
05/21/2012 at 10:59 AM

My 9 year old nephew sleeps with my sister-in-law. Sometimes they sleep alone together and sometimes my brother is in the bed with them. I recently stayed with them and had to wake my brother up for some reason. They were all three in the bed. She and my nephew had their arms around each other and my brother was on the other side of the bed. Sometimes, in jest, my brother refers to his wife and son as "the love birds".

When I was staying with them this last time, my nephew had a friend spend the night and was laying on his stomach while he and his friend were watching television. He was moving his hips in a way that indicated to me that he was experiencing an erection. I realize that is normal, that is not the issue.

What I am wondering is this: I am afraid that he will experience an erection when he is in bed with his mother and will associate the erection with his mom. If that does happen, could it be problematic for their relationship? Am I overreacting? If I'm not, how in the world do I bring this up to her? We like each other and she has spoken to me about issues with her kids. This seems, though, very personal and I don't want her to feel as if I am accusing her of something. I do not believe that she would ever do anything to hurt her children on purpose.

I would appreciate any thoughts you all may have on this subject. know, reading this post, what you described makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, too, but afraid I don't have any great advice for you. Might not be a bad idea to talk to someone outside of the situation who could give professional advice, and also help you know what (if anything) you can/should do...or even how to bring up a sensitive conversation like this w/ SIL...just a thought. You may already know of someone (pastor, counselor) you can talk to you in your area, but if not, at my workplace (Focus on the Family), we have professional counselors who will talk to you over the phone (for free). If you want to give it a try, the number is 855-771-4357. Wish you the best...sounds like you're a great sister and Auntie!!