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Holidays, family traditions
12/11/2008 at 16:54 PM

  All my inlaws, three generations, had been from the same religious tradition as me until this last year. 

I was wondering how those of you who already have combined religious traditions have managed the whole complicated, potentially disastrous thing. 

What if you have a convential point of view and you have a child who wants to share the holidays with a live-in lover?  

If you have children who had stepchildren and then divorced, do you do anything for those transient step-grandchildren who came into your family and then left?

We have a combined family and then some. My best friend is also my ex and the father of my two youngest children. My husband has brought him self and his son to our family and I have a much older son 11 who has no father to speak of. Christmas this past year we had EVERYONE OVER. My Exs mom, dad and Step mom. My Husbands mom and step dad. My Mom, her girlfriend, My grandparents, Uncle and his wife. My Cousin and his girl friend and two of our friends who don't have any family. I say love who you love and support each other the best way you can. From another stand point. When My ex and I were together his dad and step mom looked down on my older son and sort of made him an outcast so we stopped going to any thing that they held. From my stand point it was mean and cruel to make a child sit there while you lavish two of their siblings with gifts and attention. I would have rather then not given any thing to the two younger ones then make him feel that way.