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growing pains
06/03/2009 at 10:24 AM

I have a daughter who will be 10 yrs old in about 3 months ,lately she has changed sometimes she is still the sweet little girl i knew and other times i dont know what is going on it is like someone stole my child and replaced her with a smart mouthed ,very rude not wanting to be called my baby a school dance she told me i could go back in theother room because she was going to sit with her friends and a few boys (oh NO BOYS) i went on back sat with my friends got told it will be okay but just like this morning i told her while brushing her hair she has long hair and i always haved to brush out the back ,all i said was stand up baby and she snaped at me "don't call me baby "this after yesterday while in our pool she got in my arms and said mom you are all mine and wanted to be treated like a baby" .I try to hold back my hurt feelings when she says things because i know she is growing older but it is hard .after saying things like this it isnt but just a few later and she is back to being the mommy's girl i remember ,my friends say she is growing older and this is just the start of it "oh god i hope not" ,she has had a few blimish on her face,and when she shaves her legs i noticed the hair is growing back faster all signs that my baby girl is growing up ,its just hard to let it happen ,she even has decided she wants highlights before the next school year when i asked why she says she wants to look different " this may be aKa for OLDER " my daughter is very pretty ,long hair a few freckles across the nose ,brown hair baby blue eyes ,use to be slim no shape but has now got shape in a few places .the only thing that makes her look her age is her hight she is shorter .im not so sure i want to let her grow up "if only i had a magic pill that could stop this " i talked with her teacher at the end of the year meeting she told me my daughter has really changed this year she looped up and has had my daughter for 2 yrs i was told by her she has really grown up ,i get that my daughter is growing up but like i told her teacher i'm afraid that i'm feeling the growing pains full force .My daughter is the youngest of 4 i only have 2 that still live at home her and her 14 yr old brother others are in college in a town 2 hours away but still come home for the summer.but with her it seems so much harder she has been the different child all along ,the one who struggles in school,the longest labor to be born ,the one who cried the whole year in grade K and 1st ,the one who cried if she wasnt with me all the time ,at night she still has got to get a good night kiss im just wondering when this will stop too then i really think my heart will break into .I knew this time would come but does it have to be at 10 yrs old and is this not a little early and does anyone know how i am feeling and good ways to get through the growing pains.

hi Lisamother, it seems to me that your daughter has counted all your teeth (i.e. she knows she'll get from you what she wants). I think it's because maybe in childhood you weren't strict with her. Please get me right, i'm not being judgemental, it's just the way it seems to me. As for her age ... i think it's a bit too early for hair highlights, and leg-shaving, too. I think 10 year-old is still a small child, but nowadays kids grow up fast, and each kid is different, so maybe your little girl is really growing up fast... does she have her periods already? many things depend on that factor. I think you must handle the situation - first of all don't let her back-talk to you, snap you or command you. You are her mother, and she has no right to hurt you in any way (even back-talking and snapping). Maybe if you encourage her to be open with you and share her feelings, it will give you chance to understand what's going on ... maybe she's fallen in love? Hope it was helpful wish you all the best

no she hasnt yet ,she does have a boy she likes and he likes her i found out today from her friends at lunch when i ate today also a couple of other boys like her from 4th grade also .I'm not sure if it has anything to do with all the changes .her doctor says she is just getting older mature and stuff .and at her age it is the i will just hold on and try to be calm as my baby grows older."I think"