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graduation gift - how much?
06/01/2009 at 17:49 PM

My neice is graduating from high school soon. My hubby and I were recently discussing how much to give as she is not heading off to college. She also just turned 18. I never received large gifts. My hubby was the 1st in his family to graduate & received large cash gifts. We don't make a huge amount of money but are at opposite ends of the scale on how much to give. I'm curious as to what everyone thinks. It is the first of 7 nieces/nephews. Obviously, we will have to do the same for all. TIA. D

I guess it varies. My step-daughter graduated last year and she got everything from sentimental books to $500.00 cash. I think it depends on your personal perspective. If you want to give her something sentimental as she starts her adult life then go shopping and get her somthing of emotional signaficance. If you just want to show your proud of her but emotional idealism is not necessary then give her $50.00. I gave my step-daughter $100.00. Her uncle sent her $100.00 and one of her aunts sent $50.00. Hope this helps

Usually when we are friends with a family we would give $25.00. For our family members we tend to give more say $50 - $100. It all depends on how close you are with your nieces family. If it's too much you can always give less and create a gift. Just a thought...

My daughter is graduating next week and was recently given a party by her father's family. She is grateful and appreciates every gift she was given no matter how much or what was given. It was gratifying to hear her say "It's the thought that counts, Mom" proudly setting out each gift.

Usually we give $50 for graduations. If you can't give that much, give what you can. Otherwise, a thoughtful gift that you make (if you're crafty) wld be nice. My cousin bought an inexpensive photo album and embroidered a beautiful cover for it when my son was born. She put a personalized saying on it and added a ribbon. In it she filled it w/ pictures of all of us w/ our son. It was our favorite gift.

What about a gift card to a place she likes to shop? I also agree that personal handmade gifts are nice. Is she moving out on her own... then a gift she would need in an apt. or house. Is she starting a new job... then something she can use at this job, maybe. If you want to do money then I'd do between 50-100 bucks, depending on your money situation. Good luck. Only