Getting along with Parent
01/02/2012 at 14:14 PM

I sometimes think it`s me, but my mother and I just dont get along. I realize I go into her house with an attitude, but over the years itas a way to be ready for some kind of argument. Like making coffee, she gets mad and no, so I say why, she just gets angry then I do. Like her medicines, she should let us know when she is down to 3 or 4 pills so we can get her meds and she wont go without, but when I ask why didnt you call me before this she gets mad, I know the day will come that she wont be here and I want these years to be so much better, but she always seems to make me feel bad, and she just makes a face at me and mumbles, I think she said she didnt like me. Any more I go there and get done what has to get done and leave, I am just not sure how to keep the peace without ending up hating her.

This is one of those airplane moments. First get yourself safe, then start thinking about how to make your mom safe. You can't get her out of the hole while you are still down in the hole with her.