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Getting along with Parent
01/02/2012 at 17:14 PM

I sometimes think it`s me, but my mother and I just dont get along. I realize I go into her house with an attitude, but over the years itas a way to be ready for some kind of argument. Like making coffee, she gets mad and no, so I say why, she just gets angry then I do. Like her medicines, she should let us know when she is down to 3 or 4 pills so we can get her meds and she wont go without, but when I ask why didnt you call me before this she gets mad, I know the day will come that she wont be here and I want these years to be so much better, but she always seems to make me feel bad, and she just makes a face at me and mumbles, I think she said she didnt like me. Any more I go there and get done what has to get done and leave, I am just not sure how to keep the peace without ending up hating her.

She's most likely depressed. Try to organize some activities that she would enjoy. I remember when I was very little, one of the things our family did was take my great-grandma for a drive in the country once a week.