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fed up with in-laws
09/10/2011 at 02:05 AM

Hello everyone, well I will state the facts quickly and then proceed to the main problem:
1. I am married for 5 years
2. We have a 4-year old daughter
3. We live with my DH parents (!)
4. Both me and my DH work really hard
5. We are saving rapidly to move out
6. Hopefully we shall be able to move out in 1.5 years
7. We pay for everything in the house and are not dependent on his parents - THEY are dependent on us in every aspect.
8. Life is like hell here

I have a BIL and his wife who were married and went to live separately by renting.
BIL's wife is very cold and uncaring for ILs. She has convinced BIL to move to Canada to live there and BIL has agreed. He gave up his good job in order to go to Canada, as her wife wished. Now he's there for almost 7 months, and still hasn't found a job. He lives on savings, and once we sent him 5000 USD (!) for living. HIs wife wanted to go there later, so that when she went there, everything (the house for rent, his DH job, etc) would be ready for her. She is leaving tomorrow, and taking some savings with her.
My ILs and DH are going to the airport together with her parents, to see her off. Did i mention that she's the coldest and meanest person i have ever met? This sucks. I hate to see my MIL and FIL falling for her despite their old age, when they don't even bother to SPEAK to me when I'm around :(
And tomorrow is my DH birthday, too, and when i mentioned my DH that I don't want him gone to the airport for her on his BDay, instead he should spend his bday with me, he told me that his brother had asked all of them to accompany his wife to the airport! My BIL turns everybody on his little finger, and i hate that! she doesn't deserve that kind of respect, she hasn't even ever tried to earn it!
Damn, now I'm scared that when she goes there and doesn't find a job either, they will be starving again and asking my DH for money again, which he will not be able to refuse. The like living on other people's incomes. And we are trying to save to get a separate home! What if the "little brother" calls again and says that they don't have money to live?
I think I'll go crazy.Please give me any advice. I'm planning on speaking with my DH regarding sending them money in case they might ask, but i don't think he'll listen. After all, he's my DH's little brother.........

Is your sister-in-law living in the same home, too?