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Does Pre paid legal services cover child custody??
03/19/2010 at 00:16 AM

I cant afford to get a lawyer to get what I want for my fiancee's son so I am wondering if Pre-paid legal services cover child custody just to change the one who picks up and drop off or get joint legal custody bc he was denied for joint legal custody bc he didnt have sufficent eveidence but he was granted JLC at first before but he had tested dirty and he lost custody but now has been clean for years and he wants to have that but the mother does not want him to have joint legal custody bc she thinks we would use anything against her but the last time we were in court we have to have the pick up and drop off halfway but the mother lied to the judge saying that she does not have a car (but she has 2 cars) and she told him that she didnt have a license (even tho she still drives with no license) well the judge had us keep picking up and dropping him off but the judge told the mother she needs to get her license but its been 2 yrs now and we're tired of driving an hour to a city to only be there for a few mins all we ask is half way or one of us do each.. so does pre paid legal cover child custody??