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Different religious worldviews
07/06/2008 at 19:29 PM

I'm wondering how parents who have different religious views make things work. How do you deal with teaching children good morals? How do you deal with in-laws who are very concerned about their grandchildren's religious training? How do you practice your own beliefs without offending your spouse?

Both my husband and I are Catholic, but not practicing Catholics. We plan to raise our kids Catholic, but once their grown, let them make their own decisions. As for other family members and their influence, I feel it shld only be up to the parents how their children are raised. The other family members shldn't have a say. My husband and I were planning to get married by a Judge, but our parents said if we didn't get married in the church, we cldn't baptize our children. As a result we got married in the church, but I still believe it's up to the parents to decide how they raise their children. My husband and I believe that as long as we are good people and we live good lives, that shld be enough. Yes, faith is important, but how you choose to practice that faith shld be up to the individual, not the church. That's how I see it.

I have friends who have a similar problem with different religions in their marriage. The kids are taught the important parts of both religions and taken to both services regularly although not every Sabbath. Each of the parents respects the other in practicing his/her own religion. It's tough, but eventually, the kid(s) will choose for themselves as we adults have. All you can do is provide information about what you find important.

Thank you for your input. This isn't a situation I ever thought I'd be facing since we were both the same religion when we got married. It's not hard most of the time, just when it comes to big decisions.