dealing with the ex
01/28/2012 at 04:34 AM

I would really like some honest feedback to this nagging situation I am dealing with. My sons have just recently began visiting their Dad again, every other week-end access. The court papers state that the boys are to be picked up from our home at 5pm Friday on these week-ends, and I am to pick them up from their Dad's home on Sundays. The problem being, every week-end that it is his turn to pick up, he is hours late. Yesterday, I said enough! The boys sit with their bags packed, all excited for 5pm, and then they end up being disappointed when their Dad is hours late. And so, yesterday, when their Dad informed me that once again, he would be hours late I told him not to bother coming, we would try again in two weeks when it was his week-end. The boys were sad, I was sad for them, but why enforce rules and structure when no one is going to follow them. I think it is unhealthy and unfair for my sons.....what do you think? Has anyone ever had this problem?