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Want the Best School in Navi Mumbai.
12/17/2012 at 07:00 AM

I am confused about which School should I pick for my child from so many choices available, please suggest the factors we should keep in mind while selecting a good School in navi Mumbai.


Honey, big hug. Yes, you are being totally selfish. But I understand! You have voiced one of my worst looming fears as a mom with 2 college age daughters and my last about to go as well. It is hard to go from making our life's purpose our children to... what, exactly? Hopes and dreams of seeing our children continue to grow and enjoy life, with marriage, and oh-my-goodness little grand babies! They ruin it with THEIR dreams and version of what their life is. But, isn't that the purpose of college? Catching inspiration, becoming all you can be, making a start in the world and stepping into your own destiny? It is. We don't get a say in it. She is young and has a great chance! Let her go and give yourself time to learn to live this new life of yours: a mom with an adult child. Wish her well, help her pack, be her cheerleader. Trust that you will always be mom and the love you both have for each other.