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daughter hates her height
06/05/2009 at 13:04 PM

my child is 9 her birthday is in Aug the first week in it she has lots of friends but most are taller then her she is having a lot of trouble with this her best friend is already almost as tall as her mom her friends are ranging from either just a little taller then her or a lot like her best friend it is kinda funny to see them next to each other because my child only comes to her chest in height .she keeps asking me when will she grow taller she has been showing a few signs of puberty such as ,3 little pimples so far,her skin has more oil on it ,she has got more round in shape ,she is eating more lately also but still no taller she did grow some but so did everyone else .i am not tall i am around 5"4 and her dad was only around a head taller then me so i figure she will not get real tall although her oldest brother is over 6" feet and they have the same parents.I tell her well at least she has pretty long hair her friends would love to have hair like hers people ask me what she eats that makes her hair so long and full ,i dont have a answer for that she eats the norm. as for what she eats Steak,chicken,pork,some veggies,she drinks milk also so i am sure what she is eating is not the problem with her height ,should i be worried she is over 4" now and people say she will get taller when she hits puberty i read up on it and it says it can start between 8 yrs and 12 every year after the summer we go back to school and the girls look so much older and must have grown at least 2 inches over the summer it makes me wonder when my daughter will do all this kind of changing and it really seems to bug my daughter

After looking at an online growth chart for your child's age and height, it seems you may have a valid concern. Have you talked to her pediatrician about your concerns? That would be a good place to start.

yes i have he said she is in the norm range and she will be around 5"4 going by her wrists and other things (i have no clue how he can tell)she is not that short compared to other kids her age is what he says he says she just seems shorter because her friends are all almost a year older due to her starting school early ,which is true her best friend is 6 months older i just talked with her mom and we were thinking how crazy the girls are my daughter is upset she is short and her daughter is the tallest in grade and is upset over being tall.i did read where puberty causes growth fast with her being a few months from being 10 i thought maybe she will take off this year .

Your daughter's only 9. Don't worry so much. Build your daughter's confidence by focusing on her other qualities. Use her height as an advantage. I know someone who is very small for her age, and she took to horseback riding as a jocky. She later went to aquestrian school. Another idea is dance or gym classes for your daughter. It sounds like your daughter IS average, though, for her age, and that b/c the other kids in her class are a bit older, they are maturing somewhat quicker than your daughter. You can't really control your daughter's height. She is what she is. It doesn't sound like she needs hormone medication. You said you and your daughter's father are not tall people, but your son is very tall. So who knows? Just focus on building your daughter's self image in other ways, and don't put so much emphasis on her height. When she's older, she can always wear heals if it really bothers her that much. I wldn't even bring up the height issue, though. Your daughter is who she is. Teach her that everyone is different and that looks are not what makes a person special. When your daughter realizes and accepts that, she will become more comfortable w/ herself, and then those other things won't matter so much anymore. I hope this helps.