contemplating divorce
05/18/2012 at 18:25 PM

I'm new to this website and, honestly, I came here to get some support from others. I don't feel that i can discuss this with family or friends and I am hoping to get some unbiased advice, support, etc. For me, this is a place where I can be completely honest with myself and about myself without being that weird? :)

I moved to Canada a few months ago with my husband and two kids and honestly, I dont know what to do (side note I don't want this to turn into a poor me story either).

My husband and I had a conversation just last week. He isn't happy. I'm not happy. He would rather spend time with people from work than with me. He says that I should meet friends and I say that I would rather spend time with my husband. Anyway, I really don't believe that he will ever be happy with our family. So in my mind, I feel like we are destined for divorce.

I have no clue what to do...I'm in another country with no one, I don'teven know at this point where I would get a divorce...the US? Canada? Either way I think we would have to be separated for a year and I'm certainly not going to stay here by myself.

I dont know...what info is important to know? Does anyone have advice to share? Really, anything is appreciated, even if I'm being an idiot and should suck it up. Thank you

Hi Austin,
Thanks so much for your interest in and for reaching out with your issue. We do have more arcade games coming soon -- they should be available within the next few months. We apologize for your frustration and thank you again for your interest.

FE Managing Editor