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abusive in laws.
01/15/2012 at 19:50 PM

My Fiance's family moved to another state. When she found out about this. She wanted to move close to them. I wanted to make her happy, cause I know she has issues with her Mother, so she really only has her Father and step-mother. Me and her step-mom have got into it once before. I thought if my fiance really needs her family, then I will move for her. Now that we've been here a few months. It's a weekly event, that they yell at me(cursing and screeming that I'm a loser and I don't deserve my fiance). My fiance is almost 7 months pregnant and wants her family in our babies life. I understand that, but with how they act and believe is appropriate behavior, talking about sex, cursing and being rude in front of kids. I want to go back home. Where my family is and don't believe in this behavior. We have told her family we wanted to move twice and both times they just tell her how selfish she is and she should feel guilty for leaving. Then tells me I'm a horrible person for trying to take their daughter away, even though I was the one that gave up my friends and family for her family and they decided to move away. I have talked to my fiance and now she just feels that I'm not trying to make things work out. I admit I have my issues but it's not like I get angry or am abusive. In fact they get mad cause I never yell. What or how could I deal with this? Should I keep pushing my fiance to go back from where we came?

I think your situation is terrible. I feel bad about it. You have a life-long connection with this woman. You will have to find a way to work with her in order to have a good life with your baby. I hope someone can give you some good advice. I just don't have any.