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17 year old in college re: Privacy
10/04/2013 at 12:29 PM

I'm a parent of a beautiful, smart young girl and I have never encountered any issues with her ever!!! until now, She has started college recently and just when I thought everything was great it is not. She connects with me via facebook becuase her cell phone was not working and I tell her mail it to me and I'll bring it in to get fixed or exchanged and she does. Her cellhad a lock thus, i connect with her for the code to be able to get Geek Squad to do their job. As a mother I think i have a right to go through her cell to see all is okay and she's not getting into any trouble since the cell is under my name and I pay the bill too, pluss i'm also paying 1100.00 amonth for her to go to school.Here I find myself with the most dissapoint issues with my child, she is drinking to the point where she can't remember what she did, she is smoking anf having sex. She is on the pill, which she tells her friend in one of the messages I read that make her bleed continously and she is not gonna take them any longer. My world just came undone. Here I thought all my conversations with her worked and she trusted me enough to tell me all these things but no, of course i confronted her and her anly response was "What ever happened to PRIVACY, I don't think she has any while I'm still supportying her and paying for school Your thoughts

You could have her a doc for her drinking/smoking habit. Many parents is going through with that with their teens, all I can say is guide her and always be there for her as her parent.