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07/10/2008 at 19:03 PM

My friend just found out she's having triplets. Any advice?

Once your friend has the babies, tell her to drink a lot of coffee!!! HA! No really, tell her not to be afraid to ask for support from family, friends and neighbors. Any bit helps! Also, she shld try to get as much done now as she can to prepare for her bundles of joy. Buy clothes, bottles, diapers, etc. Organize the house to make the transition as easy as possible. Have the babies' rooms ready. Get a spacious car, if she doesn't have one already. Have people lined up to assist w/ laundry, feedings, doctor appts, food shopping.... Being organized is the key. W/ 3 babies, she may need to prepare a chart for feedings, naps, diaper changes, etc. She can even look into a night nurse to assist her in the beginning. Your friend also needs time to take care of herself, so if she can find people to watch the babies while she takes a nap, that wld be helpful too. My sister-in-law has twins, and fortunately for her, she got a lot of support from family. I wish your friend all the best w/ her new babies to come!

Thanks, unfortunately she doesn't have relatives nearby, but she's got us friends. The feeding/changing chart is a really good idea, I hadn't thought of that. She has to move to a bigger apartment or house before she buys all the new baby stuff. I was also wondering, because triplets makes it a high risk pregnancy, should she wait on things like a triplets stroller until the babies are all here? Because I imagine that would just multiply the pain of losing one if there were always an empty seat when you went for walks.

I understand what you're saying, and I cld only imagine how hard that wld be to lose a child. However, this shld be a happy time w/ all positive thoughts and feelings. W/ a high risk pregnancy, or any pregnancy for that matter, it certainly doesn't help if a mother-to-be is stressed over something like that. Your friend needs to take good care of herself and remain positive. I wld get the items needed, and if God for bit something was to happen, your friend cld always have someone return/exchange the items for her. She's going to be layed up for some time, especially towards the end of the pregnancy, so she shld be as prepared as possible when the babies are born. Is your friend having a baby shower? Maybe you can assist her in decorating the babies' room(s), assembling the cribs, and organizing all the clothes, etc. ahead of time. If your friend finds out what the sex of the babies are, that will make things even easier. Otherwise, I wld still buy ahead items that are fitting for either boys or girls. This shld be a fun time, and although any mother-to-be can't help worrying somewhat about her pregnancy and her baby, she shld relax and enjoy the experience. I hope my advice helps to put you and your friend at ease. Best of luck, and HAVE FUN!

There will surely be a lot of work involved both with the everyday care of the children and also the extra work involved such as washing etc. It may also be difficult getting about when you need to go somewhere. The bonus will be that they will always have each other to play with and that makes a big difference. Children get bored easily on their own and can be hard work to keep amused. At one time I had three under 5's. there is only 11 months between my first two children, then another 2 years before my third. They were a lot easier to look after than my youngest son who was a late baby. My other three were in their late teens when he was born. Admittedly my youngest has some special needs, but even so. Talking to the mothers of the children at work, this seems to be what they say too. I wish your friend well with the birth and their future happiness.