Think im losing my mind.
09/02/2008 at 20:26 PM

I'm 19 weeks today and this will be our 3rd child.But must admit im going crazy already!!One day im fine and happy,the next day im miserable and weepy and everything constantly must be organized perfectly or i just feel everythings falling apart.Now i know hormones play a role in i have experienced before but this is the worst i've been.I can't relax and i always have anxiety and wicked mood swings.Am i the only one?lol

I wld talk to your dr. I've heard of this post partum, but not during. Try to do your best to relax. I'm sure that's not an easy task w/ the other kids, but try. You don't want to pass this onto the baby. You also want to make the whole experience a pleasant one, don't you? Find things you enjoy doing, and avoid the stressful things. Who cares if the house isn't spotless or the laundry gets put off. Your priority shld be taking care of yourself, the baby you're carrying, and the children you already have. Enjoy this time. It will be over before you know it. Good luck!


Thank you for the kind words..