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The Pregnancy Pact
06/27/2008 at 17:29 PM

Hey All


I thought as long as everyone is talking about teen pregnancy we might want to talk about the story out of Gloucester, Massachusetts.  There are 17 girls who are pregnant from one high school this year and Time magazine has reported that at least some of the girls made a pact to get pregnant, have the babies and raise them together.  There is a debate about whether the pact actually happened or not but not a debate about the fact that 17 girls are pregnant.


Check out the Time Magazine article about this and let us know what you think.,8599,1815845,00.html


I remember an ad campaign with the slogan, "Parents: the anti-drug." It was about how talking with your children and always knowing where they are and who they are with would help them avoid drug problems. Perhaps they could do one regarding teen pregnancy as well. It also seems like teen pregnancy is being seen as more "normal," especially at the high school mentioned in the article. In my high school they had a separate campus for teen mothers. They still helped them finish school, but it recognized that having a baby changes your life, that you can't just be the normal carefree teenager anymore because someone is counting on you to be their mommy.

those girls who made that pact made a mistake i mean did they plan ahead? money is a big issue and being a teen mom is hard 3 of my friends are teen mothers and i am also one and they made a very hard decision but hopefully they can provide and support their kids and go through up and down emotional days and they have to devote all their time and love to their kid they have to know how to cook and what to do when the baby wont stop cryng and they have to learn patience and they have to grow up FAST no partys and girls nights and things like that i know i am TEEN MOM and their looking at a long HARD road

I was raising a teenage girl for several years. The high school she went to had a clinic referral for bith control and std testing. She was afraid if she told me she was not a virgin that I would be disappointed in her. She got a referral from the school and went to the clinic for birth control pills. Before that time, I was against schools giving birth control to kids without parental knowledge; I feel different now. I found the bag of condoms they gave her and that started the conversation between us. Now this girl did not want to get pregnant so the referral was effective. If girls want to get pregnant it's a whole differnt story. I believe at this school pregnancy is a trendy thing kids love trends, but... I'm sure these girls could not even imagine the lifetime responsibility of what they are doing. I remember fanasizing that my friends and i would get a huge place and live together with our husbands and all get along merrily... I'm all grown up now and I see how rediculous that was. We need to educate kids not entertain the idea as cool like in "juno"...

I remember hearing about this on the news a while ago. It's scary and also sad if what they're saying is true. What were these girls thinking?!?

Being a mother entails such a HUGE responsibility. Whether or not they made a pact, they need to be mindful of the results of their action. Being pregnant is the best thing in the world, but one has to be ready for the responsibility.