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probably too early... paranoid about pregnancy, looking fo opinions
02/25/2008 at 16:22 PM

Hello, I'm having a little pregnancy scare, just looking for any similar stories/advice/am I pregnant?

I'm almost 23, have a great boyfriend, blah blah blah.

Anyways, the last couple of days, my breasts have been very tender and I feel some pressure/discomfort on my bellybutton. This morning, I was riding a subway to work and I got really sick suddenly. I almost fainted, then got ill. I was lucky the train stopped and I ran and vomited in a trashcan in front of the morning commuters.

I am on the pill, and my boyfriend and I use condoms. Once in a while, we have un-protected sex for about 10 seconds, then he puts on a condom. I did a clear-blue pregnancy test this afternoon and it came up negative. I am about a week away from getting my period. I don't 'feel pregnant' but the bellybutton thing is bothering me.

I'm not ready to start a family, but I'm also keeping it if it happens.

The test said no, but we are paranoid. Also, I have been drinking moderately this last week(the week before I had an ear infection and was on antibiotics)

Any advice? Anyone think I'm preggers? I know this is a tough one.


Mmmm, similar story, well, I got married at 19 years, 50 weeks, and became sexually active, with protection. Noticed breast tenderness, and my husband started to smell really bad. Missed a period. Didn't have regular periods for the first 6 years of my marriage, because I was either pregnant or nursing the whole time.

While I am glad you are not considering terminating the pregnancy, I think that the best situation for a child is to have two parents who are committed to one another in a mature relationship.  You say you have a great boyfriend, but will he be a good, reliable, self-disciplined father?  Will you need to be working out custody and visitation and support arrangements?  There are no guarantees, I personally know a family where a couple adopted a child and within 6 months the couple divorced, but a good mother will try to provide the optimal circumstances for her child. 

  I think two parents are important throughout the lifetime of a child.  That circumstance provides better security and more than one point of view.  I know some single moms who try hard to bring a male role model into their children's lives, two of my friends moved back in with their own parents just for that purpose, and it is difficult for them.  If you and your boyfriend are not prepared to make a formal life-long commitment, I would urge you to consider adoption.  It would be a very difficult thing for you emotionally.  It would be a very brave thing for you to do.

  And if it turns out that you aren't pregnant, skip the unprotected intercourse.  It isn't worth the worry.