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prego!?!?! help
05/06/2012 at 12:08 PM

Hay u guys so im kinda really young. i live w mtg boyfriend n his
2 year old, im not on BC. i had my period last month bt
it wasn't normal 2 day spotting, i have been feeling since sik
in the mornings. to the point were i pick my head up n im gagging .
I stay nauses all day feel so week all i do is sleep! Dot have much of an
appetite though everything makes me feel nasty inside headaches
constantly! N im pee'n a lot more often! Oh did i mention i am 15 days late today..... yea wow n
i never have missed by a day either! i went to get tested at the clinic
on Monday n they said negative. but see i guess i cn say i this i smoke
pot n alot, i have been told that cn effect the out come on the reg pee test.
i havent had a blood test tho. how long should i wait or wat the heck do i do!!!!

1. Drop the habit. If you ARE prego, your baby runs massive risks as do you. 2. Tests can lie as can your body. After 15 days, test once. After 30 days, test again. Rinse, lather and repeat every 2 weeks. After 2 months, see an OBGYN. If symptoms get worse or NOT better, see a physician. 3. If you ARE carrying, get parenting classes. If you're that young, you need all the education you can get in a very short time (40 weeks and counting!) Life is precious... don't waste it.

PS: Believe it or not, I'm really not trying to sound offensive, but you're hardly the first person with this problem we've tried explaining the "ropes" to and I'm only allowed 1,000 characters per post. Above everything noted, I also strongly urge you to have "that talk" with your boyfriend. If he's onboard, you can't possibly lose regardless of the outcome. Between him, parents, etc. you may find there's a strong support group already there waiting for you... but in this case, it's no longer just "about" you, but possibly a wee one as well.

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