prego!?!?! help
05/06/2012 at 09:08 AM

Hay u guys so im kinda really young. i live w mtg boyfriend n his
2 year old, im not on BC. i had my period last month bt
it wasn't normal 2 day spotting, i have been feeling since sik
in the mornings. to the point were i pick my head up n im gagging .
I stay nauses all day feel so week all i do is sleep! Dot have much of an
appetite though everything makes me feel nasty inside headaches
constantly! N im pee'n a lot more often! Oh did i mention i am 15 days late today..... yea wow n
i never have missed by a day either! i went to get tested at the clinic
on Monday n they said negative. but see i guess i cn say i this i smoke
pot n alot, i have been told that cn effect the out come on the reg pee test.
i havent had a blood test tho. how long should i wait or wat the heck do i do!!!!

An alternative to vitamin D supplements is to spend 20 minutes outdoors in short sleeved shirt and short pants without sunscreen. Even if there are clouds, the light that triggers vitamin D production in your skin will be penetrating the clouds. After 20 minutes, use sunscreen.


Even 20 minutes without sunscreen is dangerous. You will still get vitamin D with it on. Better safe than melanoma!


Always avoid sun exposure mid-day, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Sunscreen does interfere with Vitamin D production.