Mommy of 5 and 7 weeks pregnant with 6th...HELP!
05/17/2013 at 11:21 AM

My husband and I are 25 years old and we have a 9,7,5,3, and a 8 month old. We became parents at the age of 15 and it seemed like every two years they kept on coming. Which was fine with us, I had graduated high school a year early and was working and going to school and he has also did the same. Anyways, I had my last menstrual cycle March 27th 2013 and on April 21st we had unprotected sex. The next day I went and bought the morning after pill to decrease the chance of me getting pregnant. (I am currently enrolled in college and doing my prereq for the RN program) So having a baby now was not in the picture. We talked about it and in 5 years seemed like a good time for us. Plus our youngest is only 8 months. Well after I took the pill I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself, and I prayed and prayed for I do not believe in abortions and also if you play the game you pay the consequences. A week later I started spotting but nearly nothing. So I took a pregnancy test and there were two lines but the second line was super light nearly nothing. I was in shock so I went to buy 4 more and it comes to that I am expecting. I haven't told anybody not even my husband. I have been stressing so much about this I just felt the need to write it down and get some positive feedback. I know everything will work out as it always does. I am just scared and I feel so guilty for my little one.