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missed period 2 days in a row
02/07/2013 at 00:40 AM

hi im pretty_black an i was suppose to came on my period on the 5th of february and it is late no signs or symptoms that it wants to come i had unprotected sex with my man on the 5th an 6th.i was previously o mirena and itcame out 1 day as i was usin the bathrm.ive taken 2 tests an they both came out negative.i had two other children and with my 2nd child the same thing happened.i took 2 test an dey both came out negative until i went and got an ultrasound.found out i was pregnant. im just wondering can anyone give me any advice.im totally lost....cycles are ALWAYS REGULAR AND ALWAYS CAME ON TIME....IM JUST SO LOST HAVE NO IDEA...have been suffering from severe fatigue and bloating and nausea from time to time.

Sounds like you could very well be honey but it may be to soon to tell by a pt so I would advise going to the doctor for a blood test they would be accurate, hope it all goes well