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implantation bleeding?
09/22/2009 at 13:08 PM

My periods are always on time, heavy bleeding with bad cramps on day 1,
and usually last 7-9 days. This month I was 3 days late, and it only
lasted for 2 days. It was heavy on day 1, but not as heavy as I'm used
to. The 2nd day it slowed down alot, and today is day 3 and it's gone.
I still feel mild cramping, nothing major. Has anyone experienced this
with pregnancy? I know implantation bleeding is usually light spotting,
but I've read that SOME women have had heavy implantation bleeding. I
know, I should take a test, I just want to know who has had this happen.  I'm just so used to long and heavy periods.

How old are you?

Have you got a phone book?

Look up "Physicians"

Pick one, call, and make an appointment!


Hey onitram,


I didn't experience anything like that when I was pregnant.  But you should take a test or call a doctor and see what it is if it is bothering you that much.


Keep us posted and tell us what it was