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I'm sorry but I have to ask... am I pregnant??
01/29/2008 at 14:39 PM

I had my last period 2 weeks ago it started on Jan. 14 or 16, I just know it was a math class day.  I had unprotected sex a day after my period was over and then again 5 days ago (Jan. 25).  2 days after the last time I had sex (Jan. 25), so this would make it the 27th.. i had a lot of white/clear discharge just for that one day and i haven't had anymore after that... i am having cramps, my back hurts (kinda in the middle, sometimes in between shoulder blades.), my boobs hurt, and i get tired fast.  with one day of a lot of white/clear discharge and no more after that a long with some symptoms...could  I be pregnant.. or should i seek immediate medical help for something else.

It depends on how long your cycle is, this particular time.  I've had 35 day cycles and short 16 day cycles (16 days from the start of one period to the start of another).

It's hard to tell when you ovulate in between.

The point here is not to have sex without protection.  Not only are you risk getting pregnant, but you are risking HPV, AIDS and other diseases.

I'd wait to see if you are late when your 28th day comes up, unless your symptoms get worse.  Head straight to the doctor if they do. If you get to day 35 without a period, go get a pregnancy test.

As for sore breasts, I've had that on and off over the years without being pregnant.  I never had cramps with any of my pregnancies until I went into labor.


You know the answer to this.  You have a math class, right?  14 and 14 is 28, three days either side of Jan. 28th will probably (50 50 or better) get you a baby.  Good luck!\

  Since your are just maybe pregnant, I'd like to challenge you to read the board called Sexuality, commitment, marriage, divorce.  It's where I put my meandering thoughts about this subject.  I wanted to have an argument, but nobody seems to want to argue with me anymore.


from what you are saying you would be three days pregnant, if that. you would not have any symptoms yet. I think most people on this board would strongly encourage you to reconsider trying to get pregnant at 19 while still in school.


Whitney, Are you trying to get pregnant? Stop having unprotected sex!!! Go to your doc or Planned Parenthood for a test. It may not be too late for emergency contraception. Every decision you make affects your life -- either for better or for the worse. I waited until I was 32 to have my first child.


im 3 dys l8 on my period i havent had the normal sore breasts as i usually do when im coming on i do however have a backache at the bottom of my bk thats been constant for few dys , i did a test but it was negative could i be pregnant

This is a wait and see question. You could be pregnant, you could just be stressed. I've missed periods during allergy season, or when a new, more dominant female started working at the office. Give it a month. If you still haven't menstruated, and then a pregnancy test is negative, call your OB.

I just turned18 and I am married. I have a stoppage in my periods. Any one will advise me what to do?

Could i be pregnant? I had my period on August 30th and finished on September 4th. On September 6th i had unprotected sex but im not quite sure if he actually [edited] inside me. when i went to the restroom to pee i wipe my self i saw blood and i asked him if he came and he said no.i then took a pregnancy test about a week after that day and it came out negative, then i had my regular period on September 29th through October 4th but then i was feeling my stomach kind of hard (i weight about 185) so i asked my mom and sister to feel it and they said it was fine! On January 12th i took another pregnancy test and it came out negative! I been having my periods when im supposed to and since i am a regular is easy for my p tracker my app to let me know when is my next period. And now on February 16th i had my period like normal but i feel my stomach like every time i touch it i feel like is hardCould i be pregnant?