Having pregnancy symptoms but negative blood and urine tests
12/22/2010 at 10:05 AM

I am going through a crazy situation rightnow. I been pregnant before and i know the signs but in my case now i haven't had a period in two years due to being on the birth control (depo shot). I recently was spotting back in sept. and i took two pregnancy tests in august which was positive. I was constipated and took another test at the hospital and it was negative. Now its dec. and i took two more tests last month and this month which were negative. And a blood test that was negative. I am so confused, but i been gaining weight, having mood swings, cravings, sore breats, even clear fluid leaking, fatigue, headaches and frequent urination. The doctor's think i'm going crazy and it's all in my head. I brought a prenatal heart listener and i can hear two heartbeats mines and the baby's. I also been measuring my stomach every couple of week's and it been getting bigger. Now my stomach is 14 weeks which is 4 months pregnant. It's a show called "i didn't know i was pregnant". I have all the signs of pregnancy and no doctor wants to give me a ultrasound to make sure if i'm really am pregnant. I'm scared to be pregnant since i am not on prenatal care and the thought of having a baby to where i have to buy things. My boyfriend think something else might be wrong with me but my instincts and everyone else is telling me i am pregnant. I have the glow and i feel little flutter's in my stomach. But i need answer's and help.

We do not celebrate, but thank you and have a wonderful day!!!