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Having pregnancy symptoms but negative blood and urine tests
12/22/2010 at 13:05 PM

I am going through a crazy situation rightnow. I been pregnant before and i know the signs but in my case now i haven't had a period in two years due to being on the birth control (depo shot). I recently was spotting back in sept. and i took two pregnancy tests in august which was positive. I was constipated and took another test at the hospital and it was negative. Now its dec. and i took two more tests last month and this month which were negative. And a blood test that was negative. I am so confused, but i been gaining weight, having mood swings, cravings, sore breats, even clear fluid leaking, fatigue, headaches and frequent urination. The doctor's think i'm going crazy and it's all in my head. I brought a prenatal heart listener and i can hear two heartbeats mines and the baby's. I also been measuring my stomach every couple of week's and it been getting bigger. Now my stomach is 14 weeks which is 4 months pregnant. It's a show called "i didn't know i was pregnant". I have all the signs of pregnancy and no doctor wants to give me a ultrasound to make sure if i'm really am pregnant. I'm scared to be pregnant since i am not on prenatal care and the thought of having a baby to where i have to buy things. My boyfriend think something else might be wrong with me but my instincts and everyone else is telling me i am pregnant. I have the glow and i feel little flutter's in my stomach. But i need answer's and help.

Remind your doctor that a serum pregnancy test is about 98% accurate, and ask for another blood drawn pregnancy test. If it is negative, then your doctor needs to look for other physical causes of your symptoms. Only after physical causes have been ruled out can a psychiatric cause be looked for. I would be very surprised if you were pregnant. I like surprises!

Hey i need help i be sick to my stomach alot my period came on july the 11th and went off july the 14th and i didnt seen my period for this month i be having alot of gas lately and i took a blood test and if came up that i had 2.39 hcg in my system bt when i took a urine test it say i wasnt pregant somebody please help me out because my doctor want

i am going through the same situation, my last flow began on the 17th of may and lasted for for four days so i and him mt but i have had all the sign until 13 of June i had a flow which lasted for two days, i went for a urine test but tested negative. pls help me. am i pregnant?

I'm having the same thing too, since sept. 2012 my flow has not been normal, it should. I took 5 different pregnancy test, 3 bloodtest n they all came out negative. But than I have all the symptoms of b

You can still be pregnant and have both test come back Negative. Two of my friends both had negative tests one was quite a few years ago she went back 5 months later and still negative so she demanded an ultrasound and she was 5 months pregnant. 9 months ago my other friend had negative tests and she is due anytime now.