Happy Easter
04/24/2011 at 00:02 AM

Happy Easter everyone! I hope it is a beautiful day for you all.

Share some of your best Easter traditions with us. I would love to see all the different ways that families celebrate!!

Your mother is a control freak. She does things you do not like as a way of making you comply to her demands. If someone texted me so much, I would turn the phone off, and erase the message without reading them the next time I turned it on. You need to declare, and own your independence. The argument about maternity clothes were wasted words and emotion. We could have an argument about which color is prettier, but in the end it is really about personal choice and opinion. Your mother likes you to have your own opinion, as long as it is the same as hers. If you do not agree with her, you are against her. Thats just a miserable way to exist.


If your mother was footing the bill, then she was setting the budget for the wedding. If you were footing the bill, then it was not her business. At 28, I hope you had savings of your own to spend on your wedding. As for the other issues, unless you married someone that you met while he was in prison, she really needs to back off. If you or she has a pastor, the pastor can talk to her about 'leaving and cleaving.' If you aren't religious, maybe you could still talk about that concept from faith traditions.

As I was thinking more, your mother may have an anxiety disorder. Her obsessing over your safety/failure to check in may be a symptom of OCD. I suppose the outdated, rigid notions of maternity fashion might be, too.