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Confused, need advice
06/01/2008 at 09:00 AM

Really don't know what to do :S
had sex 4 weeks ago, he used and condom but the condom didnt break or
anything, because he checked by putting water in it at the end of sex,
and there were no holes or anyhing. I took a clearblue pregancy test 2
weeks after we had sex and it said negative. and now I have spotting
which is brown and isnt even worth a pad...i'v had it for 3 days now.
although i'm very iregular with periods and except for having sex i am 5 weeks late of coming on my period.
am i pregnant? :S

You said you had sex 4 weeks ago, but are 5 weeks late with your period, so you must have been a week late when you had sex. You need to see your doctor if you think you might still be pregnant. Your doctor will be able to help you. It would only be guess work for any of us here.

ah right :S do you think the spotting is caused by stress? because i do worry too much

Worry can affect your periods. If you worry you might be pregnant than it could delay the onset of your period. Do you have any other symptoms such as nausea, sore or swollen breasts etc? If as you say, he wore a condom which remained intact, I would stop worrying and let nature take it's course. Give it some time and if you are still worried, go to your doctor.

no I don't have any other symptoms, I'm just really worried about this random spotting. I took a clearblue pregnancy test, it said negative but i don't know whether to worry or not :S by the way, thank you for helping junieg, i really do appreciate it :)

Pregnancy tests are very reliable these days and I know Clearblue has a very good accuracy rate. How late were you when you did the test? Some tests can be done when you are just one day late. If you are a few weeks late then it should be accurate. I think you should stop worrying and get on with your life. As soon as you relax your period will probably appear. Another thing, do you eat properly. Sometimes women's periods can stop if they are not eating properly. This occurs often in women who are anorexic, but can also happen if you are malnourished. Also, check you are not anaemic. This would have to be done at the doctors. You could buy an iron supplement of course if you think you might need it.

well the last time I started my periods was 15 march then i finished at 21st march, ever since then i havent even been on again yet :S. Although I had sex like 4-5 weeks ago which that could of messed it up maybe, i dont know. but ignoring that i had sex its been around 9 weeks, really i should know but i'm not really good at math. I did the test on last weekn on wednesday ( 2 weeks after sex) although i'm very irregular, i do eat properly too. i hope all that made sense :S

All I can say is please stop worrying. I don't think you are pregnant but would urge you to go to your doctor and find out for sure.

Ok, thank you for all of your help junieg, i'm really thankful.

If you haven't gotten your period yet, I wld take another home pregnancy test just to be sure. If the results are negative, don't worry. If they're positive, go to the dr right away. If the test is negative, the spotting cld be related to stress or something else. Do you ever get light periods? You also mentioned that your periods are irregular. Have you ever considered birth control pills to help regulate your periods? That's something you'd have to discuss w/ your dr. Right now, though, I'd take the home pregnancy test, then go from there. Also, continue to use protection in the meantime. I hope everything works out for the best.