Blood and urine test negative but have pregnancy symptoms
01/31/2012 at 11:18 AM

Somebody pls help!!! I missed my period and I have a regular 28 day cycle. I never miss my periods only once wen I was pregnancy previously and didn't know and had a miscarriage cuz I kept doing all te daily routine and working out alot. I'm very healthy and lately my body has been having all pregnancy symptoms. I'm very nauseous in the mornings, some foods stink, and make me sick. My breasts have nearly doubled and r so sore and very tender. My nipples hurt especial in the shower. I'm eating same amounts of food but I've noticed my waist getting bigger. I drink same amount of fluids As I always did and eat same amounts of food As before. But I'm very bloated and and constanty go pee. I pee so many times a day, it's unbelievable! And I started having alot of gas and in the back of head I get aches. I have quite a bit of clear fluid discharge and had a blood and urine tests which came out negative. I read the statistics and this happens to 30% of women. Is it possible that I'm pregnant? My doctor says I'm not but I feel I am. She says it's in head. But it really is not. I started feeling nauseous, drained & exhausted about the third week after my last period. And now it's the sixth week. So is it possible I'm pregnant and just have very low HCG? I took the blood n urine tests right after I missed my period. Also home tests show negative. I do have crampings here and there but they're not as bad As menstrual cycle cramps. And I'm not on birth control and never been on them. Forgot to mention, I'm very dizzy in mornings, and at times during the day I'm extremely fatigue. I eat healthy and can't understand what is happening. It's not in my head like my doctor says. Somebody pls help me!