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02/20/2008 at 23:09 PM

iam 16 and pregnant. The daddy is my bf. I thought I loved him but I still love my ex of 2 years. I cant be without him. & now with a baby I will loose my love forever.& he is willing to take me back if iam not pregnant I feel that I should not have this baby. I need help.

Take a deep breath.  Find somebody who knows and loves you, who isn't trying to get in your pants, someone  like your mom, or one of your friend's moms.  Get a real live person to help you, not a bunch of strangers on the internet like me.  I hope you can figure this out.


As hard as it is, you need to shift your focus from boys to yourself.  Don't listen to your ex or your current boyfriend.  You need to talk to someone who you can trust and who can properly guide you (like your mum or another trusted adult).  You need to work out what is best for you, not for the men in your life.  PLEASE get yourself some help and guidance.