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Acne Skin Care HELP!
07/23/2014 at 15:57 PM

I have had really bad skin since I got pregnant!!!! :(

Another mom on my street told me that she uses Vain Pursuits skincare for the same problem and they custom made her creams for pregnant women….and her skin is now glowing. Im curious has anyone heard of them?

Does this happen to other expecting mommies?

Hi there, I haven't heard of Vain pursuits. Actually acne can really happen on anyone that is pregnant because of hormones. But, there is always a solution. When I was pregnant with my daughter I am using a topical solution which my doctor said was okay as long as it does not have any harmful ingredients. So, why don't you try to buy a cream for pimples but just be sure to clean up your face before putting that every night. Good luck and God Bless.

Hi its not a simple thing to treating acne during pregnancy. you should not take meditation like accutane and retinal there is risk pf birth defects.It is better to get in contact with you practitioner regarding this.