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Your opinion on Chores for kids.
03/24/2012 at 00:07 AM

I have been doing a LOT of cleaning all week and got to thinking and would like your input on this topic. Once I get this house completely clean I want to get on the ball of making sure my kids do chores each day. My question to you is:
What is a good age to start chores? Also, on a scale 1-5(1 being not at all and 5 being most definitely) how importart do you think chores are for kids? And why?
I am just curious. :)

I think 5 is a good age to start doing chores. You can make it into a game and this way you instill it in them at a young age. The sooner they learn the better because it will just get harder to have them help around the house.

Being able to take care of one's self, one's possessions, one's home, and one's family is a source of self-esteem. Being dependent on mommy and daddy for everything is discouraging.