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Why do I have to scream my son?
02/10/2009 at 09:29 AM

Hello: I'm Feosia from PR I'm doing my best in english, I love the forum It help me a lot. Here is my problem: I have two children 7,3 respectively. The boy of seven years of age is affectionate, very applied in the school, excellent notes but in the class room the teacher says to me that he speaks so much. Usually he is the first that finishes the subjet in the class. In these days the teacher said to me that she had to stop him in a "Time out corner" by his conduct. I speak affectionately to my childrens and I use many words like: please, thanks, excuse me etc. But lately for him to obey to a mandate I must repeat it about two or three times to get any reaction and even I must raise the voice to him. Therefore I imagine that he is the same way in the classroom. I can say that he does not have hearing problems so that I have proven to speak of other things in low tones and he listens to me. I see this like he is challenging to me. I do not want to see me in this situation. I love my children and I want to remedy this of some way because I feel bad when I sream him. Also I wanted to know like how can I help to his conduct and at the same time improves mine.

Is this working? I wanted to compliment you on your English. Also, I tried to encourage you earlier to speak Spanish at home. The example of fluency in your native language is more beneficial to your children than hearing you speak English as you are learning it. An idea I had about your problem is to keep record of when he responds to you correctly. At the end of the day, show him the record of when he answered you politely, and of when he was obedient to what you said. Don't reward him, just show him the record.

You're probably right that this is a behavior thing. I'm sure your son is smart if he's finishing his work and doing well in school otherwise. Maybe you can talk to the teacher about moving your son to another seat. If that doesn't work, try taking things away if you see he's not behaving. Also, reward him when he is good. Make sure you communicate w/ your son's teacher regularly. Both you and the teacher shld be consistent w/ your methods in the classrm and at home. Hopefully together you can fix this problem. One question: Cld your son be bored? Maybe giving him more stimulation wld be helpful as well. Good luck!

Thank,acitez for yor advice.

Thanks concerned for your advice. She already change him from his seat two times. I think he gets bored often. But it's a good idea to involve him in other things.Thanks.