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Whew, am I tired
07/27/2008 at 00:28 AM

As I have mentioned before I have one child, a daughter who just turned 16.  So far she is a great kid and has given us very little trouble since birth.


Well, since she is 16, I am a long way away from those toddler and young school age kids.  Well, I have my neice and nephew (ages 6 and 4) for the weekend until mid-afternoon on Monday.  Whew---they have worn me OUT!!  I am so out of practice with smaller children---they have me feeling like I have just worked a 6 day shift in a mine or something.


God Bless all the mothers and fathers who are in the process of rearing their little ones---it sure is an exhausting job!



Dear Marti, You're very blessed to have such a sweet 16 yr old. From what I'm hearing, things only get harder. My boys are just 5 and 3 1/2, and they're already a handful. Talk to me again in about 11 yrs when my oldest is 16. Hopefully I don't pull out all my hair by then. Thanks, though, for understanding what we're going through, although I know you've been there too.

Hey concerned There are things that are challenging about having teenagers for sure, but the job is more mentally and emotionally draining at this point and less physically draining. All ages have their challenges and their benefits but I have to tell you I felt really old and out of practice with those little ones! But, I can also tell you we had a wonderful time. At those ages they say the greatest things without even knowing it and they are so eager to learn! Marti http://www.familyeducation.com/home/