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what should i do
07/17/2014 at 00:17 AM

I am in quite the predicament I was married to a bipolar manic depressant we had two children together before things got way out of hand I returned to try to be there for my children only to be hit with a domestic violence offense I never committed after that incident I left for good but tried to remain in my children's life my ex started stalking me outside my apartment and following my to work and causing a scenes in my place of employment I left and moved to another state to avoid anymore problems but tried to still be apart of my children's life still I got a call from a neighbor child that my kids where left with him and the original babysitter was out meeting with someone to score drugs and he wasn't going to stay there any longer. Luckily I wasn't to far away so I went to get my kids and took them to the courthouse only to be made to return the kids to their mother I tried to establish child support and send care packages only to get the packages back I did get to see my kids on the following Christmas and cried when the oldest asked why she couldn't just come and stay with me that was the last time I would see my children I have made trip after trip to see them or try to find them but no luck I've called child services child support office anything I could think of to find them this past year the day before my birthday I received a message their mom abandoned them and her relatives have gotten custody of them the children are doing well and getting the attention they need and I'm thrilled they are safe and doing so well but I want to be in their lives if I had it my way they would have never been in this predicament anyway what should I do. All advice is welcomed