website for selling used baby items
12/08/2009 at 11:51 AM

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of any websites that let you post baby and kids clothes and toys? I am looking for something similar to craigslist but more specific for baby and kids. Craigslist seems to be for everything and with recent news about fraud, I am really skeptical about it.


Are you trying to sell baby items? Google will give you several hits if you search for it. Some of them which i haven't really used are;,
Tadstreasure has no posting fee and is location based too.
There are also consignment stores that you can use. There are several here in Berkeley area where I live.
Good luck!


Have you thought about ebay or local second hand clothes shops? There is a store for everything dealing with babies/toddlers about 45-50 min. from me. Check out your phone book. We also have something called a franklin shopper which you can put a free family clasified ad in and it runs for 3 wks. People list all kinds of stuff in it.

Have a yard sale... maybe when it warms up... or possibly inside a garage.

Good luck.