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Wean a pacifier
11/25/2007 at 02:17 AM

We offer our baby a pacifiersince he was
2-month old. He only use it at nap and sleep time. Now he's 10-month
old. We just started to send him to a babysitter's place on weekday. We
can't control the use of pacifierin the daytime anymore. For dental development concern, we think maybe the best way is to wean the pacifier. What should we do now?

Using the pacifier should cause no problem to the teeth and 10 months is still quite young to take it away from him. He will get rid of it himself when he is a bit older and feels ready to. You can always tell the babysitter when he is or isn't allowed to use it though. Don't worry about his teeth though. 


When I did daycare, I only offered pacifiers at naptime, unless the parents asked that it be available more.